“Our realtor was great to work with and all went smoothly! Worked hard for us and got us in a house quickly. Matched us perfectly to the house. It has become a home. A great experience!”

    Nanette Smith

    Great to Work With!

    “I Just have to say again that I could not be more Happy with the quality and level of service you and Kristina have provide during this process (y’all have been Great and made this by far the easiest home purchase I have ever done [four purchases to date]).”


    Easiest Home Purchase Ever

    “We were thrilled with how quickly the house sold, as well as the professionalism, which you exhibited throughout the entire process. We deeply appreciate you making this a success!!!”

    The J. Ford Little Family

    Thrilled with How Quickly the House Sold!


    Deirdre and I want to thank you for your great assistance in the purchase of our new home. We moved in yesterday and are already extremely comfortable there. It definitely feels like home.

    Connie was a great help as well and we will definitely recommend you to our friends who may buy or sell in the future. Also, thank you for the lovely gift. It now has a prominent place in the front room.”

    Mark McClellan

    We Would Definitely Recommend You

    I just wanted you to know that we are LOVING our house.  You will definitely have to come by soon.  You wouldn’t believe the changes we have made.  It looks a lot different.   We are very grateful for all of your help!!

    Leasa Dillow

    We are Loving our House

    “I am very impressed with Melissa’s knowledge in real estate. We put our house on the market and she sold it in two weeks. We found our dream home with her help. My son found his first home with Melissa’s help. I was surprised how easy she made us feel when buying and selling homes.”

    Bryan and Nancy

    Sold Home in Two Weeks!

    “Short and Sweet. If you are looking to buy and/or sell a home, you want the BEST Realtor working for you. That would be Melissa Thompson. She works hard and sees things through till the very end, but her service continues long after closing. She is always there to answer questions you may have. For me Melissa is the Mid-South’s #1 agent, hands down!”

    Eddie Ross

    Mid-South's #1 Agent!

    Melissa is truly the best Realtor in Memphis, Tennessee. She is so helpful in making sure all the things that make a deal come together get done properly. She has sold two houses for my family and if I had more to sell she would certainly be the one to call.”

    David Bowman

    Truly the Best Realtor in Memphis!


    We haven’t heard many compliments from our teenage son (whom shall remain nameless)since…well…he became a teenager. The one he did decide to heap upon us was for you! He said with all the showings we’ve had since we listed with you, and I quote … “It feels like we are the only ones she’s selling a house for!” This came after he picked up the brochure out front and said how nice it looked and I told him someone had just looked at the house again.

    We don’t know if we are happier because the house is almost sold or because we saw humanity… i.e…. (Human traits we once knew in our pre-teen human!)

    By the way, Perry & I agree with him!

    Thanks & have a good week~”

    Perry and Judy

    The Ultimate Compliment - From a Teenager

    “Melissa is a very hands on realtor. Her and her team will be there for you with a touch of a button, whether that be by phone or email. They also keep you very informed on what is going on with your house. We received emails almost daily from her assistant, Kristina. Melissa will do what it takes to sell your home by listing it on various sites online, in the MLS, and also by mail. We highly recommend her for your real estate needs.”

    Cynthia Chalk

    Very Hands on Realtor!

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